We value commitment, collaboration, and excellence


Lamimo has a large network of host families and language schools, ensuring the quality of our service. We continuously expand our network, in order to be able to host students according to their wishes and desires, and to be able to provide them the education they are looking for.

Become a host family for Lamimo's students

If you are considering becoming a host family for Lamimo’s international students, let us help you find out whether that is the right decision for you. We host students from all around the world at various ages and for different length of stay. With such a diverse group of clients, we have a very diverse profile of needs and requirements. Some students might seek a well-protected environment, while others prefer a lot of freedom. Depending on their studies, some might wish to stay with a French speaking family, others with an English speaking family. Attention to detail and a diverse network is our key to satisfy our student’s needs.

Send us an E-mail to to request our Application Form. We will then contact you to arrange a meeting, talk you through our requirements and standards and see how you fit in with Lamimo network.